Easter Elephants c. 1937

 Easter Elephants c. 1937

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Oh, man. They’re advertising their glasses for men the way anything ever is advertised for women. I’m not sure whether to be aroused, annoyed, or pleased.

Jesus Chrissstttt

Sexualization of men too…


Men, does this make you uncomfortable? If you aren’t aware, these photos depict men in the same way women are depicted in the media. I’ve gotten some pretty strong reactions from guys when I’ve painted men in similar ways to how women are represented. Maybe you will think now about how strange it is that you might view similar images of women as pleasing or normal, and how that affects the way you treat women.


Carved goose eggs by Piotr Bockenheim

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this pregnant hairless cat is so fucking done, i can’t handle it.


this pregnant hairless cat is so fucking done, i can’t handle it.

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Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why

Wow that is depressing. 

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sorry, but i call bullshit (at least to the notion that michelle obama is the single source of this culinary hellscape). that crusty fried chicken sandwich in the top picture? i got served that shit in high school fifteen years ago, when michelle obama was an illinois senator’s wife. that ugly mess of ground “beef” and corn and mashed potatoes, with a single sad white roll? that shit’s so familiar i might as well be high-fiving it at a family reunion. our school lunches have been garbage for decades, ever since we let corporations enter the business of feeding schoolchildren on contract, when school lunches stopped being cooked at school and started being cooked in factories and freezer-bagged and microwaved on site. this shitty situation can’t be dropped entirely in michelle obama’s lap: she didn’t start sysco or aramark or maramont or any of the giant food conglomerates that serve up deep fried frozen faux food by the truckload into america’s schools, at a profit. why don’t we hold accountable giant corporations and industry lobbyists- like, i shit you not, the national potato council- who have fought against improving school lunch standards for decades?

michelle obama’s fighting an uphill battle because let’s face it, school districts across the nation are suffering and hemorrhaging money, and school lunches have always been a target of cutbacks. rather than spending money on healthy foods to cut calories and maximize nutrients- re the obama guidelines- schools just cut corners and serve less. their shitty substandard implementation of the guidelines does not mean that the concept of bringing healthier food into public schools is a failed one. 

and if you want to change school lunches, instead of complaining to michelle obama on twitter, you can support the local efforts of students, parents and teachers to improve their lunches, like the campaign going on in philadelphia right now. these schoolkids have organized to try and end the contract with their shitty corporate meal provider, and gather support for meals cooked in-school with better ingredients. i guarantee there are fights like this going on in more places than philly, and they could use your help.

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I almost died laughing.

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being a feminist means changing your behaviour to better support women, not re-labelling everything you do already as ~an empowering statement~

It also includes better supporting other oppressed groups of people instead of whining about how these same groups of people aren’t giving you enough cookies.

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Artist Ronit Baranga

Israeili Artist Ronit Baranga, b. 1973, uses clay and porcelain to craft her sculptures.  Baranga’s process mainly involves using different kinds of clays such as liquid and solid clays for sculpting.

Baranga’s work is on the border between concrete and unreal life.  This border allows her to express complex emotional feelings by creating anthropomorphic images- human and inanimate objects- combined as one (cups on fingers; masks with human mouths; hollowed, headless figures wearing masks; tea drinking ceremony using empty cups).  “I believe that this combination in my art makes people feel. Viewers of my work react almost instantly- they are either enthusiastic or appalled, but never indifferent. I hope their reaction also stimulates them to think about the ideas behind my work.”

From the Artist, "the use of fingers and mouths in my work is full of intent and meaning. The fingers and the mouth are very sensual organs in the human body and are therefore very powerful as separated items from it. The “seamless” combination of these organs in plates or cups, appearing as one, creates, in my opinion, new items that “feel” their environment and respond to it.”

Sources: Ronit Baranga | High Fructose | Bored Panda | Yatzer | Empty Kingdom | Rooms Magazine

Also Check out Ronit Baranga’s other website: Facebook

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And sometimes white people get mad at other white people. 

The comic in question no longer lives on her Tumblr page, but you can find a reprint of it (with full credit and her permission) here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/aaronc13/this-comic-perfectly-explains-what-white-privilege-is

My heart goes out to this young woman, and I hope that she eventually feels comfortable enough to come back to Tumblr, as she’s a smart and gifted artist. 

Her tumblr, if you want to follow it, is http://jamietheignorantamerican.tumblr.com/

It’s a shame that this happened.  Her comic was perfect and nobody deserves death threats.

I love her comic and its a shame she got bullied off for telling the truth.

that comic was great. jesus white people y’all need some serious humility and love in your life.


White people need to chill.

Doesn’t this just prove her point? 

From her page:

Please do not send me any more messages about how awful it was that I received death threats. I am beyond pissed that everyone has taken my comic about white privilege and the effects of institutionalized discrimination, and has turned it into a rallying cry against online bullying. This was not the point I was trying to make. Stop making me the face of bullying, and do NOT make me the face of “White Allies”. ——————-THERE ARE COMICS AND POSTS LIKE MINE BEING MADE BY PEOPLE OF COLOR ALL OVER THIS WEBSITE, AND THEY DON’T RECEIVE 1/5TH OF THE ATTENTION THAT I HAVE GOTTEN. THE FACT THAT MINE GOT POPULAR SPEAKS VOLUMES TO WHAT EXACTLY WHITE PRIVILEGE IS. I may not have deserved this hatred, but I do NOT deserve ANY praise. I want you all to know that Education is NOT where oppression ends, it’s where it begins. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words, but it’s over now. There’s nothing left for me to say.

Yet people on tumblr still complain about SJW and downplay every single form of priviledge

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