As many of you know, body image, eating disorder awareness, and empowering women to be healthy and happy are causes about which I am incredibly passionate. I recently had the opportunity to star in and help produce a video that gave me the opportunity to send a message about all of the above (and look goofy while eating delicious food)! 

The #StopTheFoodShame project is largely in part a reaction to the youdidnoteatthat Instagram page. The account, which has more than 140,000 followers, shames and mocks women who take pictures with “bad” food, implying that skinny, healthy, attractive people don’t actually enjoy indulgent food, but rather use it as a prop. You can read more about why @youdidnoteatthat is problematic here and here.

Ready to help #StopTheFoodShame? Watch, reblog, and the next time someone tells you #YouDidNotEatThat, look them dead in the eye and say: OH. YES. I. DID.

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So there are still a lot of think pieces being written about Anaconda


Most of the authors seem to primarily object to how Nicki used the word “bitch” to describe women. However, the only phrase that they ever seem to reference from the lyrics is “skinny bitches.”

Did everyone just forget that Nicki rapped about “bitches with a fat ass” and “fat ass big bitches”…